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We help small-to-medium size eCommerce business grow.

We are the Konector’s, your trusted Amazon private label service provider based in Australia, proudly founded in 2020. At The Konector, we specialize in seamlessly connecting your brand to success in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

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Meet our CEO & Founder

Ebaad Ali

Amazon & Ebay Seller, Founder and CEO of The Konector

In the vast Amazon jungle, I’m your dynamic guide through the twists and turns of e-commerce success. With 4+ years in the game, we have launched over 500+ private label products and generated a whopping $10M+ in revenue over 3 years. Driven by a passion for customer success, I thrive on witnessing businesses flourish across online eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. My expertise extends to social media platforms, utilizing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as powerful tools to paint compelling success stories for brands. In the vast world of Amazon, I steer through challenges with a mix of know-how, dedication, and a promise to boost your success. Together, let's redefine what's possible in your e-commerce journey.

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Nazifa Farooq

Amazon Seller, Coach & Co-Founder of The Konector

I am your visionary guide, navigating you through the intricate trails of e-commerce road.With over 4 years of expertise, I’ve led the launch of 500+ private label products, sculpting an impressive $10 million+ in revenue over 3 years. I’m not just about launching brands; I’m all about making YOUR brand shine across Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and every corner of social media, including Facebook and Instagram. YOUR success fuels my passion, and I take pride in watching YOUR business flourish. Together, let’s not just launch a brand but create a digital masterpiece that’s uniquely YOU, ensuring YOUR business not only stands out but thrives in the ever-evolving online landscape.

But there’s more. Beyond the Amazon horizon, I bring a wealth of experience in product development, where innovation meets market demands. My proficiency in SEO and optimization adds finesse, ensuring your business is finely tuned for unparalleled success.

Cheers to co-creating a distinctive success story!

What our client says!

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What The Konnector Brings
On The Table!

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Knowledge Transfer

We are not mercenaries but partners in your business's mission. We take you along on your company's digital journey & make sure you understand it.

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You get to stay on top of ev- erything, through a dedicat- ed strategy executive. From planning a campaign, cre- ating the content to promot- ing it, we do it all.

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Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach

We execute measurable short term tactics that deliv- er quick results. But we make sure those tactics lead up to your business's long term goals as well.

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Ahead Of The Curve

Ahead Of The Curve

Never miss an update that can benefit your business. Our experienced team acts as your eyes & ears in the fast-moving world of digital marketing.

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Fast & Competent

Fast & Competent

We are young, empowered, and work on-the-go. Exactly what your business needs right now to turn things around under short dead- lines.

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Total Transparency

Total Transparency

We respect your vision of the company & hence do noth- ing without your approval. There are absolutely no hidden costs in the process.



Benefit from our team of specialists and their proven track record for turning data into results.


We're less like a digital agency, and more like an extension of your team who's just as invested in your growth as you are.


We're people, just like you, and love to collaborate, bounce around good ideas, and just have fun with the projects we take on!

Over the past 4 years, We've Invested over $100 million in ads for clients and picked up a few lessons along the way.

Clients rely on The Konnector Agency

I can't thank Konector enough for their exceptional work in building my Amazon store and launching my private label. From start to finish, they paid attention to every little detail, making sure my products were presented in the best possible light. Their strategies and insights helped me increase my sales and visibility on Amazon. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking to make a mark on the platform.
I just had an incredible experience with Ebaad & Nazifa. These guys really know their stuff and can work wonders with your investment. They managed to get me a fantastic return on investment in less than 6 months! Their team is fantastic at communicating and ensuring everything is delivered on time. They truly go the extra mile to make sure we are satisfied. If you're looking to boost your Amazon business, I highly recommend giving Konector a try. They're friendly, professional, and super effective.
Very smooth working with Konector. They were able to increase our PPC sales which results increase our organic sales. They were able to understand our niche and create campaigns with relevant keywords. We will definitely use them again for our other launches!


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