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Product Sourcing

Our agency found in 2020. We have Four offices supporting clients across Europe, US, Canada, and Asia Pacific.

Product Sourcing

Take a sneak peak on our step by step process

You got product to launch? Or need to find a Crazy selling product? We got you covered in both. If you are manufacturer and need Or want to find a manufacturer. We got you covered in this too. With our extensive portfolio of launching more than 500+ Brands, we have premium product research funnel with list of premium suppliers and pro buyer account to make sure you have quality supplier and hitting margin.

Define Product Parameters

Utilize Advanced Tools

Keyword and Competitor Analysis

Target Demographics

Market Gap Analysis

Certifications Review

Assess PPC Costs

Contact Manufacturer

Attain upto 40% Margin

Sample Order

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Let's Do It

Challenges of Product Sourcing in China

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Complex and Time-Intensive

prod-sourcing 2

Extensive Research

prod-sourcing 3

Prompt Coordination

prod-sourcing 4

Overwhelming Task

prod-sourcing 5

Strong Negotiation Skills

Why Us?

We are proud to have Ali baba premium suppliers with PRO-BUYER Account having transaction of more than 1M Dollars.

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Our Process

We take a strategic approach to sourcing and logistics to ensure seamless operations for our clients. With a keen focus on securing reliable suppliers and negotiating favorable terms, we navigate global markets with precision. Through attention to detail, we strive to elevate your product logistics experience for maximum professionalism and success.

Understand Your Requirements

Our first step is to thoroughly understand and analyze your requirements. By delving into the specifics of your needs, we can tailor our solutions to align perfectly with your objectives. This comprehensive understanding forms the foundation for a strategic and effective partnership.

Finding Reliable Supplier

Our process begins with identifying and partnering with reliable suppliers. Through careful vetting and assessment, we ensure that the suppliers we choose align with our commitment to delivering quality and consistency for your business. Trust in our expertise to establish lasting and dependable supplier relationships

Price Negotiation & Closing

Once we've identified reliable suppliers, our focus shifts to strategic price negotiation and finalization. Leveraging our industry knowledge and negotiation skills, we work to secure favorable terms that meet both your budgetary requirements and quality standards. Our goal is to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement that sets the stage for a successful partnership.

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