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Amazon Sponsored Product Services

Sponsored Products

Use sponsored product ads to improve discoverability through keyword matching. Based on your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) targets, we will use our User-Intent funnel to place the best keywords inside your campaigns to ensure continuous growth.

Sponsored Products allow us to create ads leveraging both Automatic and Manual campaigns. Amazon gives us the tools to discover keywords and control the keywords we bid on.

The user intent funnel allows us to value each keyword based on where they fall on the custom- er's journey shopping on Amazon. This allows us to be efficient with the budgets we are given.

User Intent Sales Funnel

Audience terms are search terms targeting a specific audience during a particular phase of the buyer's cycle.

Complimentary products that are related products that can or must be used at the same time with our products.

Substitute terms focus on products that have different characteristics compared to our product but can fulfill the same customer need.

Competitor terms focus on other distributors (sellers) in your marketplace. These competitors are selling

Product terms focus on product search terms, which is the item that you are selling.

The bottom of the funnel consumers. These consumers have been exposed to the brand and are actively searching for products under the brands name.

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Our Funnel
Step-by-Step Strategies

The konnector will set up your advertising campaigns to ensure your brand is front and center at every touchpoint in the shopping journey.

This is key to category domination on Amazon.
Step-by-Step Strategies

Build Awareness


Increase Consideration


Own Your Aisle/ Purchase Intent


Drive Purchase


Encourage Loyalty


Client Story:

New product launches can be tricky to pull off well enough to meet sales expectations, but they're even harder when they involve new technology. Coordinating a launch across Amazon, Social, and Search with metric theory. The Konnector was able to complete the brand-to-demand cycle in mere months to achieve sales that beat revenue targets by 90%.

Client Story


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