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Full-Service Account Management

Product & Supply chain Management

Build a strong connection with our dedicated product and supply chain managers. They work closely with your manufacturer and suppliers, ensuring a smooth understanding of your product journey. Our focus is on steady growth, streamlining your production, and boosting profitability.

For clear communication, we use Alibaba messaging, and we schedule regular check-ins and quarterly reviews to keep everything on track and enhance your product and supply chain experiences


Account Management

Connect on a personal and professional level with our fantastic account managers. They aim to become an integral part of your brand, taking a comprehensive approach to understanding your business. Our commitment is to foster sustainable growth, with a focus on expanding market share and optimizing profitability.

To ensure smooth communication, we establish Discord channels, conduct regular status calls, and hold quarterly business reviews for ongoing collaboration and success

Advertising on Amazon

At the Konector, our account managers and PPC team are certified industry experts in Amazon Ads. We take pride in being early adopters of the latest Amazon advertising features, ensuring premium reach and optimal performance for our clients.

Our team handles all types of ads, from Sponsored Product Ads and everything in between

Advertising on Amazon


Amazon is one of huge online shopping platforms where 71% of people start looking for everyday products. To make sure our clients get noticed, we take a smart approach that looks at everything Amazon uses to decide what to show.

At the Konector, we use our special 40-point checklist to boost the words that help people find our products. We use multiple high tech programs where we keep an eye on how our strategy is making things better over time

Product Positioning & Catalog Strategy

With thorough market research and a clear grasp of our clients' objectives, the Konector crafts catalog strategies aimed at boosting brand value, increasing profitability, and expanding market share.

By tapping into historical data and insights, we create promotional and coupon strategies that consider the brand's connections with other retailers

Product Positioning & Catalog Strategy


At Konector, our devoted inventory management and analyst team make use of Amazon analytics to create restock reports and demand planning reports for our clients.

Our inventory analysts ensure that our clients can set aside inventory for the Amazon channel. They achieve this by submitting FBA replenishment reports to clients' warehouses at just the right inventory levels, minimizing storage fees, and reducing the risk of running out of stock. The inventory team also develops action plans to enhance and sustain high IPI scores for robust restock limits. Additionally, they assist in crafting shipping plans and labels while keeping a close eye on stranded or unfulfillable inventory.

Maintenance & Compliance

At Konector, our clients enjoy exclusive access to our 24/7 hotline, which offers assistance with troubleshooting even during non-business hours and holidays. Our dedicated maintenance team keeps a close eye on suppression notifications and strives to resolve all troubleshooting issues promptly.

We take pride in staying current with all Amazon Terms and Services, and our team is committed to educating our clients on best practices that align with Amazon's policies

Maintenance & Compliance

The Konnector is Automating Brand Management for Amazon

check Consolidate data from 80+ Amazon reports, and view 25+ unique metrics not available in Seller Central (LTV, Repurchase Rates, Forecasted Sales, and more.)

check Get a bird's eye view of your overall performance on Amazon in minutes, or get granular with ASIN level data.

check Gain insight into customer behavior with pages such as Cross-Selling, Returns Analysis, and Customer Review Analysis.

check Utilize our Profitability Analysis pages with brand level and ASIN level views.

check View your custom Amazon roadmap, where machine learning tech identifies current roadblocks and growth drivers for your business.


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