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Konnector is a full-service Amazon agency that helps emerging brands launch and expand their product lines across multiple markets


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Elusive spider net Shadows of Amazon That Stings All of Us

When Amazon hit the market, people took it up to enjoy freedom by manifesting their most daring dreams.

Over time, its policies made an unexpected 360-degree shift…

Creating a living hell for sellers.

Three decades to this day—Amazon still is a headache for most of the sellers.

Its seller-unfriendly system deepens the uncertainty for people—looking to expand or kickstart their journey.

It was not enough that new sellers stormed in like crazy…

It would’ve been acceptable if they simply did their job correctly. But their dangerous intent to corner stable brands is horrible.

amazon policies

Now, if you waste your energy overseeing such complex cases and keeping an eye out for copycats to make sure no one's stealing your genius.

You will get exhausted with back-to-back reporting calls, Unending case loops, and stressful nights with no clarity of what to do next.

Redefine crown img Your Purpose & Focus on the Bottom Line

Intelligently use your time and resources to build a brand grounded in trust and resources to build a brand grounded in trust and authenticity, unlike chinese sellers

And to make this approach more effective.

You must have a reliable team to follow your instructions and guide you along the way.

A team with the courage to execute your strategies and reverse engineer Chinese methods. So you can protect your brand and reputation.


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Why KONECTOR is the Wise Choice?

Konector brings together the talents of some of the finest human breeds on earth to realize your wildest dreams. We are people with unwavering work ethics, complete dedication-and a surplus of energy to infuse into your business. We have a diverse crew of data analysts, launch experts, and marketing professionals. They all keep their fingers on the pulse of what's hot and what's not ensuring your business always stays in vogue.

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Our Brands

And this is why we are Here!

We understand the struggles that you have been through—and respect your patience in dealing with Amazon.

If you are still committed to expanding beyond borders, you are light-speed ahead of the average seller.

Listen, you are not here by chance.

I believe that the universe carefully maps out our path... And takes us exactly where we can fulfil our purpose.

It gives us clues and signs and introduces us to people who support our aspirations. Konector goes beyond agency stereotypes, and our dominating rule is…

amazon seller central image
“Always have good intentions and the best will come your way.”

We are your backstage crew and will be there with you in all the ups and downs. Because in the end, all we want is freedom. You free us, we free you.

And that's the game we call life.

We would love to know more about your business. And curious to hear stories aka your horror Amazon experiences.

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The Konnector Process

  • Focused Market Analysis

    At our core, we avoid reliance on cookie-cutter templates and place no trust in superficial statistics. Instead, we take time to deeply understand your marketing strategies and make sure we don't miss a thing. From this in-depth study, we craft entirely unique and customized blueprints to help you achieve unparalleled success in the market.

  • High-Octane Amazon Launch

    After years of fine-tuning, we've managed to transform the traditionally sluggish product launch process into a swift three-month timeframe. From handling shipping logistics (and secretly hoping we don't get lost in a shipping container) to securing that all-crucial first sale, we've got every angle covered.

  • Time-Tested Global Expansion

    We understand that going global can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. With our practical know-how, you can boldly expand your presence on the global stage. From localization and translation to compliance and shipping logistics… we take this hassle out of going global and make it easy for you.

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We Keep Our Heads Down to Lift Your Brands Up!

We take care of all the complexities of expanding worldwide through different market channels. This way, you’ll have enough time to brainstorm genius ideas and build your brand empire—stronger than ever!

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What We Have to Serve You Is…

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Listing Optimization


Pay-Per-Click Management

Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content




Account Management


Amazon Ranking

product research-and-development

Product Research And Development


Sourcing & Logistics


Taking You Back to Our Proud Past!

Tap into the power of your Amazon brand using our proven optimization and advertising techniques with PROVEN results Take a look at our interesting case studies:

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We helped a fitness brand achieved a remarkable increase in revenue growth of up to 200%

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0 increase in PPC Sales 0 Revenue generated

Successfully met growth targets, achieving a remarkable 236% increase for the home and kitchen category, generating revenue of 80K/Month

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0 increase in PPC Sales 0 Revenue generated

How we Achieved sales up to $5M in the Baby Category with a 30% gross margin?

Dive into the wonderland of The Konector

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3-step fast onboarding process for thorough business understanding

The Konector’s Quick and simple 3-step Onboarding Process


Once you schedule this free strategy call, we will ask you for some basic information. During the call—we’ll identify your three biggest competitors and recommend strategies to outperform them.


Together, we'll outline your specific business goals—short-term and long-term. We'll make sure our services match your vision. For us, it’s important to set clear timelines, roles, and budgets to create a positive work environment.


Once the planning is solidified, we swiftly transition into the execution phase. This is where the rubber meets the road. Our team takes ownership, makes informed decisions—and works tirelessly to achieve the pre-defined objectives.

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We're passionate about sharing the latest insights, expert opinions, and innovative ideas that shape our industry. Our blog post is a journey, an exploration—and an invitation to join us in the mysteries of Amazon.

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